Thursday, May 10, 2007

Circles of Infinity

There is an infinity inside my head
which dances whenever I lie on my bed
The burden of existence
The burden of pretense
of normalcy
the pull of normalcy
preventing the one step
that would lead to the fall
the fall to nothingness
the elimination of the being
the battered soul of the romantic
the shattered spirit of the careerist
the unfulfilled desires of the writer
the desire for death
the lure of the last breath
the circles of infinity
the vastness of eternity
the immensity of existence
the mundane duties of life
the infiniteness of possibilities
the nothingness of the end
the loneliness of solitude
the triviality of togetherness
the deaths and rebirths
of the souls within
the effort of the means
the search for the end
the denial of the existence
of any end.

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