Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Software Engineer

The software engineer sat down, he was tired of checking his email only to find that free space was available on free servers and he could earn money by clicking, but the one dream that had dominated his dreams even before he had started dreaming was still a dream. He still had no email announcing that his dream had come true, that he could now dream in the land of dreams.

Just then a dreamy girl came with a dreamy look in her eyes and looked at him. This must be a dream, he told himself, but she looked at him, and told him that she was no dream, she was merely a dream come true. She was very reluctant to tell him her name, but on much insistence she told him that her name was Visa. it had so happened that her father was a software engineer and his visa had arrived the day she was born , so her father was destined to remember that day as the day the visa arrived. Her mother, a psychologist, being a woman or acute intelligence and enormous foresight named her "Visa" so that she may never feel that her father valued the visa more than her.

The software engineer looked at her with a look of total hope and dependence. Visa looked at him directly in the eyes and said “I have your visa." he all but died, closed his eyes and heard the rustle of paper as she took out something from her pocket. She placed in his beggarly hands. When he opened his eyes, she was gone and he found, kept in his hands, the standard chartered visa card that he had lost the day before. He never cried; just promptly died.

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