Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Prince and the Caterpillar Killer

The prince was handsome and brave,
Though he badly needed a shave;
He had to win the castle
And slay many dragons
To rescue his beloved princess.

"Oh! she is such a soft creature", he sighed,
"How can they hold her captive ?"
Had he not been a man he would have cried.
"And she has captivated my heart
So in holding her they hold my heart captive."

The dragons were fierce and the security was tight,
But the prince knew how to fight;
So he battled the fire of the dragons
And fought the explosions of the canons.

Slaying one monster after another,
He went further and further;
And finally reached the room wherein
The princess was held; the room was bolted:
He opened the door to see; the princess, too had bolted.

She was sitting on a tree outside;
And in her fragile hands was a sling.
"For I am a caterpillar killer", she seemed to sing.
The prince reached there and promptly
Fainted at the sight that he beheld.

A slingshot meant for a caterpillar caught him on the head,
And the ground beneath her feet became his final bed.
The princess was not unkind and a becoming grimace
Was seen to grace her fair face;
Tears would have come to the beautiful eyes of the killer,
Had they not sighted another caterpillar.

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