Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getting Away

By a photon the molecule was hit
"Whats that! , i mean, shit!"
"I am a photon, you moron."
"Thats kewl", said the molecule.

"Do you want to get away?"
"Dear photon thats not enough,
I want to be free, I have to say;
And I am not falling for your bluff"

"What do you want to be free of?"
This agitated the molecule:
"Of these useless collisions,
Of long distance attractions,
And of short distance repulsions."

"If thats what you want , okay"
"Hurry up I don't like this delay"
So the photon hit the molecule hard
And released it into the atmosphere
"Now are you satisfied here?"

"No way" , said the molecule,
"Do you take me for a fool?,
There are others here too"
The photon said ,"but they are far."
"That doesn't matter as long as they are,
I'm tired of this attracting and repelling,"
The molecule was now yelling.

With a superphotonic effort
The photon gave the molecule another spurt.
The molecule left earth with a blast
"Aha I'm free at last !
Thank you photon,for this freedom
Space now is my kingdom."

For ages the molecule roamed in space;
Then suddenly he was sad...
"I can't get away from this,thats too bad."
"Stick to me ",said a pasing spaceship,
"And to the earth take a free trip."

"But thats going back , not getting away,"
The molecule pronounced morosely
As the spaceship passed him closely.
So the molecule waited for the photon once again:
But the sun had died long ago
So he knew he waited in vain...

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